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Contest Conclusions!!

Posted by Xinxinix - February 15th, 2021

Concept Of Love


Qualified Entries: 111

# of Entrants: 102

Collection 1

Collection 2


- Anything related to love or its concepts.


Do not depict minors with adult themes.


Character models must be OCs you own or ones used with permission.


- The deadline is February 13th at 11:59pm PST


- Your entry must be uploaded to your profile AND posted in this thread

- Include the tag "concept of love 2021"


  • 1st place: $300
  • 2nd place: $160
  • 3rd place: $90
  • 4th place: $50


- Judging will be based on originality.

Personally, when it comes to love, I enjoy darker, grittier themes that really ache one's soul and beget questions of reasoning only substantiated through feelings of fulfillment from something or someone else.

But there's a real pleasant experience to be had seeing couples enjoying themselves. So many damn cute couples were drawn, and here are my favorite:

4th Place is rewarded to the Best Couple. The main theme from couples was that one mate completed the other, so it became rare to see the initial flabbergasted feeling we get interacting with our first loves. This unique conceptualization of a kiss between a couple with their feet in water brings about the anxious feeling we get from head-over-heels romance into serious realization.

4th Place: First crush by @SetiSpaghetti



Categorizing love as loss isn't a new concept by any means, but it definitely hits a certain nail on the head when done properly. The feeling that love is incomplete, something awaiting in the future, or something awful, can be much stronger of a feeling than actual, completed love. Favorites:

The concept that Love Is Hard sits in 3rd place, because many of our hardships that we go through are for something or someone that we love. Emotional impact is important when conceptualizing "love", and sometimes the everlasting effect on our psyche can effectively change who we are as people... and that's deep

3rd Place: Philophobia by @Canibores


So, what *is* love?

That was the main, prompted question for this contest. I've found a few of my favorites that apply a sort of definition to it:

Straight-Forward Love is the easiest describing factor for conceptualizing love. Not everything to do with love is messy, abhorrent, or dejected. Sometimes it's the easier, cozier feelings associated with love that make it inspiring. This comic does well to apply logic and reasoning onto something that normally has our minds lost in outer space. Very inspiring.

2nd Place: But What Does It Compare To? by @smallsausage

The 2nd panel is broken in the Portal upload, but the thread version is fine.


read the rest in the thread post.

So, here we are; the final stop on the Concept of Love.

Where do we go from here? Conceptualizing love is a difficult task, but a lot of entries did very well.

Here are my top favorites:

The Concept of Love as visualized by you, the artist. There are so many ways to approach this subject, and this approach had the strongest emotion.

1st Place: I Guess This Is Love by @bich0cerote


The mixture between an abstract smiling fruit-for-a-head character combined with comically large tears while staring at a impersonal floating hand holding your heart is an all-for-one excellent summarization for what the concept of love is. Fruit-Head itself is a contrasting yellow-hued color adorning a smile atop a depressing shade of purple body--a contradicting appearance immediately visible. Due to the nature of the composition (and the cartoony amount of tears) there's little to indicate what is causing this interaction, and whether or not it's actually a positive or negative moment. Having your heart torn out can be as graceful as martyrdom, or as miserable as mindless torture, and this animated drawing tips the scales on both sides.

Pro tip: All my "favorites" are organized runner-ups, meaning if 1st place didn't enter, then the top-most on my list of favorites would have won instead, and so on.

I'll be sending PMs to everyone that won for their information so I can dish out the rewards!

A Big Thank You To All The Concept Of Love Entrants!

@0chin @2FLYBASED @AngelStarFuture311 @Antizombieproduction @ARTHURS-FARM @AXOLOTLE @azumiii @BananaBread101 @BastianConst @bich0cerote @bigtboss @CacklingPumpkins @Canibores @cblue8282 @CIEIRMusic @ColonelZach @CowFDoodles @CrosEl @CSGameGalaxy @Cuadraws @Cynical2DD @dogmuth-behedog @Dynawizard98 @EdiUzuki @EpithetSoup @ethanblair @EyepodNation @Finn-dHope @FlametteSucks @FoofooCuddlypoop @FrenchDipNG @Garnet-Frost @GenzoGushiken @GoldA5S @Gomboli @GranchArt @Guileness @HAL0GUY @Halve @Helmyir @herbal-milktea @hpargonohp @itsabluebanana @Jacketgeist @JackStormYT @kaeojay @khicher @KieAtelier @KloudKat @Kromasome @L1mzal @LewdieZyna @LiteralHat @LittleViktoria @Lobotomaybe @MANUNAM @MatthewLopz @MaziqArtGround @MrFancyLan @NeoD-ray @PencilArtistEnt @PerKGrok @Pochi04 @pointlessfield @poppyjewl @Prawn4ever @predatorboss512 @pukijr @pumkinbee @Quarujee @Rachels-Studio @RatKingdomComix @Redead-ITA @redogna @Ribbon-Dove @Royal3rd @ruthzzan @SaucePit @ScarfaceOnVHS @Schiive @Schreckengast @SetiSpaghetti @Shadowcat5150 @SM28 @smallsausage @SomeTinyCritter @SSNormandie @stelamoris @TaraGraphika @TateWindom @TheDeathMeister @TheKingMood @TioKing03 @Tyangerine @Underdragion @Urichov @VegaSlash @Vinquo @wedjatpalette @yanatigana @Zollo911 @Zubster

- - - - -

Sexiest Outfit


Qualified Entries: 285

Number of Entrants: 206

Collection 1

Collection 2

Collection 3


- The most attractive outfit you can imagine on an OC you own or can use with permission.

LIMIT of 3 entries (the first 3 posted into this thread will be accepted)


- All characters depicted must be 18 years or older.


- Character models must be OCs you own or ones used with permission.



- The deadline is February 13th at 11:59pm PST


- Your entry must be uploaded to your profile AND posted in this thread

- Include the tag "sexiest outfit 2021"

+ PRIZES@Moosh donated $60!

  • 1st place: $280
  • 2nd place: $120
  • 3rd place: $70
  • 4th place: $50
  • 5th place: $40

Thank you @53xy83457 and @JesuL for each contributing $50 to the prizes!


- Judging will be based on originality.

Wow! Thank you to everyone that participated!

I apologize, but I am going to need more time to judge the entries. In the meantime, the Secret Santa Brigade and myself will be working on making a thread with everyone's entries.

You may be asking, "why?" but it's to stall for ti--I mean, to ask the community to vote on their favorite entries via reactions!

Entries will be posted based on how many reactions they received initially in the submission thread. The drawing with the most reactions in the newly created thread will win first prize (granted it's not a forgery) and then the other places will be left up to my discretion.

So, good luck everyone! Expect the thread either tonight or tomorrow, and I wish everyone best of luck! ^^

A Big Thank You To All The Sexiest Outfit Entrants!

@0chin @666syrup @A-lieN @Acerbus-Sigil @AcetheSuperVillain @AngelStarFuture311 @AngelusD @Annie-Mae @Antizombieproduction @AphrosAnimation @avenuestorytime @AXOLOTLE @BadNoodle @Balrog-Bean-820 @Banjubu @Bergasmaschi @bigtboss @BillyScribbles @BombsAhoy @Bro-son33 @BusterB98 @buttuniverse @bveebop @CacklingPumpkins @CalipsoUwU @Camuri @carmine3 @castledoctrine @Catarinetri @cblue8282 @cCuntu @cdlum @cecameron @Chasquared @chimp-shrimp @climeade @ConnorGrail @coystags @Cprecaution @CrosEl @CSGameGalaxy @Cuadraws @Cukkucake @CurlyFreak @CzySzy @DarkPlot @DavidAragon95 @DearDecay @DH6966 @DiscoGuyOYeah @dogmuth-behedog @Dr-Tyang @DrawXAngel @Dreeemy @DroolingDemon @Durigakkin @Edemnine @erectoner @Esmachmat @FanorZ @FedorableX @flammalux @Flannagan-the-Red @Fooskee @funnee @FuShark @GayCatDaddy @GennDude @geoWaffle @GoldBattousai @greenminthead @grossfoots @Gulthrax @GummiDX @Haydret @HeadofNyx @HellfireDancing @HeroAndy214 @Herodark @imIcyWind @Isadomon @IssaSnipe @Iviqrr @Izoxie @J-Nelson @jankyjunko @JayuTab @jellymeyer @Jkjrrated @JordanHillArt @JoshikoF @Kaibyaku @Kanori-Sauce @khicher @Kichijiro @KieAtelier @Kiwiko09 @L1mzal @LaithozWorld @lenydrawsx @LimaBream @LittleViktoria @LobsterMango @Lordkingu @LovenSefu @LucaTheHuman @luSZtar @MakiSchleim @Makoart18 @massivemarioluigi700 @MaxwellMadison @MaziqArtGround @MikhailKaminsky @MintyMinus @Missy-Meow @MisterFatso @Mockument @mogy64 @monquu @MonsieurZim @MonsterSol @moongoat425 @mouthfullofcherries @Namhain-eroart @nek0ai @Neosoda @NethermanMC @NickSenny @NicoGGHere @NigelsPearTree @Nim-Ations @NocturneReverie @NolandNG @NoobPanda4 @NoodleDoodlesLewds @NORONIKO @Noshilo @nuclear-smash @OBBazaar @ohmyseki @OmegaLuxifer @Oni-Garth @orenji-sama @Orlek-sketch @Oxy3 @Patosky @pearlnecklace @PerKGrok @PhantomZ2 @pizza602 @pointlessfield @PoisonLion @poppyjewl @Prawn4ever @predatorboss512 @pukijr @Quarujee @QueenKami @RafaTheBeat @RatKingdomComix @RebeccaDoodles @redogna @Ribbon-Dove @riversouls @Schreckengast @Shadowcat5150 @Shine-art @SinL0rd @sketchdumb @SketchOverseer @skid181 @SleepyPine @SOLjack-arts @SomeTinyCritter @Sony-Shock @Sophex @SpikeyLotus @squareofthelightones @SSNormandie @starlocodraws @suicitem @SuperPhil64 @TamashiHoshi @TediousFruit @TheDyingSun @TheHauntressX @thelitterbx @thenewkid007 @TheOtherSider @TheSlimyDude @TioKing03 @Titilonic @ToriToshi @Tripea @Underdragion @Veinom @whothefuckisjojo @WisteriaTea @WomAnime @X-TNT @XavsArt55 @Xisterie @ya-boi-pip @YourGuyTheOTi @ZetaSpiral @Zollo911

Also, something cool is on the horizon :0


More on that later~!

(art by @hcnone)

Talk to you all soon~! ^^




there i am gary

First of all I want to once again thank @Xinxinix for organizing the contest. As well as informing me of the conclusion so I can to personally congratulate each and every winner. From the bottom of my heart, to @SetiSpaghetti, @Canibores, @smallsausage and @bich0cerote for their wins. You've earned them, good game. I would also like to thank each and every one of the other entrants for showing us their unique perspectives on the theme of this contest. I wish you the best of luck in the future. This contest to me was never about winning the prize, but about challenging myself creatively and the ideas that flooded around it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to put my other badges on the market with my Love Badge.



The entries in concept of love was amazings! ^^

This contest brought out the creativity in me I am so proud to be a part of this though I want to ask if we could be friends Xinxinix i'm going to send you a friend request so please except it and I hope you do more contest like this this was a ton of fun

hey mom look i did it! i told you it'll work

all jokes aside, I don't know what to say. I'm currently fumbling around my words. i mean, it's the first art contest I've ever joined in, and I've already gotten to second place!

thank you to everyone who appreciated my entry, and congratulations to all the people that won alongside me—especially @bich0cerote, you earned that first place—and to everyone who tried their best. it was fun participating in this contest and I hope to maybe see some more like this soon.

... and thank you @0chin for telling me to check my Newgrounds lmaooo i thought the results would be released later in the day (it's 7:30AM here and I just got out of bed)

There's currently an issue with my PMs that Tom said should be fixed by tomorrow, so please add me on Discord, if you can, and I'll get your PayPal info ^^ (Discord: Xinxinix#8147)

Congrats you guys!! I didn't see a lot of these submissions but they're really good and super cute! ^^/ ♥

Aw man, I didn't even get on the recommended list. But all the same, my suggestive heart lubb-lubb homie had confidence in me and she really liked mine, so I consider that a pretty sweet reward.

Congrats to all the winners! Had a lot of fun for my first contest, so thanks to everyone involved :)
Certainly appreciate the feature on the thread!

Xinxinix, what place did I win?

Congrats to all the winners, kinda knew I'd not make it in :P

@Ribbon-Dove your art is super freaking adorable though!

Congrats to @bich0cerote , that deserves first place! The line-work, shading, and concept / gif is stellar.

For the sexiest contest entry, I wish everyone luck! Mainly did mine as a joke as I don't claim to be a great artist, so I'm looking forward to the homina hominas.

What a heartwarming (and a bit depressing) display of the creative genius on this site.

Congrats to everyone! To me it's just fun participating in these events but to see the winners really opened my eyes!

The tag was some mayor blue balls hahhahah

thank you thank you thank you is the best news I have received I am so happy that I got to cry @Xinxinix thanks for the chance

@CIEIRMusic thanks for your words

@HeroAndy214 Thank you <3

@Canibores No problem. Free advice regarding your prize. You should do one of two things for it. The first spend it on something you never spent it on before. Could be something you wanted to do, something you wanted to buy but couldn't or something to really treat yourself with. The second, invest with it. How you invest is your business, but even something as small as $90 could grow into something bigger if you play your cards right. Other than that, have fun.

Congrats to all the winners! This contest was a really fun thing to hop on and I’m happy to have joined and make an entry! Thanks to this initiative, I was capable of doing my first piece with a background using perspective and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. I was also amazed by the art of the ppl who joined this! It was really fun

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