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Alluring in a sense that the chunky pixel art definitely gives the vibe of a casual sit-down and enjoy-yourself game--that (in my opinion) *obviously* turns creepy pasta, but it keeps its charm all the way with the cat remaining in the bottom left.

Basically, some REALLY good looking pixel art assets that are put together in a sensible way to present an idea that doesn't feel like it drags on for too long.

It's just right. Just like Corn Cheese :v

Will responds:

You're just right like corn cheese my friend. (Also i can tell when you've written an interview on stream and I love it, lol.)


What a day to have Pixel Day!! No more Radishes, just straight hardcore action sequences that play step-by-step alongside a traditional sprite mechanic as well. What's not to love? You feel contention between the main bad guy and the hero, there's tragedy, there's combos, and there's so much more to this story that could be explained in different formats, but I'm glad it's an animation ^^

gatekid3 responds:

there unfortunately wasn't a place for the radish here. But im glad what i made still sticks the landing

Ah... yes.

I just completely wasted your time :v

ZaazNG responds:

Xin, my time, Xin...

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Game is hard.

The premise being something trippy in itself and meeting that gritty quota with promiscuous items and difficult mechanics complimented by seemingly simple enemy design that knows how to turn you on its head.

REALLY want to purchase the full game--so I'll definitely be wishlisting it later! I could only imagine the insanely beautiful (emphasis on *insane*) thought process that went into this incredible amalgamation of character and personality, drenched in a nice color scheme ^^

edit: Levi peaked at LeviRamirez NFT Generator, RIP :v

LeviRamirez responds:

Thanks for the kind words xin!

The full game is gonna kick double ass, you can count on that, and yeah this game is my downfall from NFT generator :/

Hectic driving mechanics + chaotic bullet hell scenario + elements of RNG = Holy F*ck, Is This My Driver's License Test ?

Squeaky music, shiny cars, tiny dude--lots of charm packed into a single concept that requires patience and precision, and doesn't stretch out its welcome. It challenges players to focus in-depth on the specific levels with medals, instead of trying to combat a long-paced concept with multiple scenarios.


Complex mechanics at its best, because it *feels* so simple. There's a nuance of speed-running and danger around every corner while trying to mind-meld my f*cking rotation based dyslexia as I constantly rotate into spikes and snails.

What is a man to do but try again and again? It's a game that's appreciative of its difficulty but not willing to hold your hand, but instead gives you the necessary tools, and means, to navigate a handcrafted map structure.


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Energetic in a way that stays consistent but not so apparent or obvious to the listener to where it becomes overly repetitive--there's a fun value to the additional arpeggios or lead instrumentals that overlay the main beat because they contain strong high values in their chords. There's that constant chord progression but there's also a combative consistency to everything else going on that brings a treat to the essence of whatever fighter, brawler, or beat-em-up game that this kind of thematic tie-in is perfect for.

tl;dr "Come on !!!"

The vocals were such a nice added touch that really supplied additional value later on when they became a focal point in the instrumental. NOICE

Very interesting way to approach a minimalistic concept with droning, reverberating lyrics to fill out wherever a chiptune/pixelated approach might fail at for supplying more girth to a soundtrack's idea or theme.

I like it. It's a *small* bop, but it's definitely an estranged bop that I can get down to. There's a lot of hidden emotion underlying the bones of this track.

Much love.

Very sharp, consistent Connor Grail-type beat, but there's an element of surprise in how much addition *fun* you can season into the instrumental by feeling like it's hopping around on its feet.

There's the obvious frame for a song that feels good on loop, but this one takes it in stride while adding just enough touch to consider it familiar, yet characteristic to the game its representing.

Nicely done, Connor ^^

ConnorGrail responds:

thank u xinxinix, glad you like this canyon tune

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Very pretty !! Hot damn !!!

Them reds and blues really be POPPIN off each other :0

What can I say? Five different scenes and concepts that pretty much envelope the core concept of madness into a nutshell (with the nutshell being blown-up pixel art).

Definitely paints the scene, and offers its own little twist on Madness into making it look like an arena mode ^^

A charming transitionary style into gameboy's aesthetic. There's a lot of love for taking a big game concept and transforming it into something 8bit and retro ^^

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