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Firstly, thank you to everyone that joined the Newgrounds Secret Santa 2022 & used Josh's new registration system.



Well, have I got the offer for you...


art by @MinaSagas

This year! YOU PAY US !!!

Uhm, but, no.

It's the time for seriously reflecting as an artist and considering anything you need for the New Year. This goes to say, anything from a pack of pencils to new paints to new inks to a new monitor or microphone--anything that might help you connect with your audience or improve your workflow is what we're trying to raise for artists.

Throughout the year, you might be able to increase your skill significantly, but because art creators are naturally frugal at heart, it makes sense that majority of you might be working with outdated or cheap equipment, just because the bare minimum of entry for art is just a pencil and a piece of paper.

But as your skill grows, so does your needs. If your audience craves a personal connection with you, you might have to step into streaming or speedpaints or tutorials to show your face or your voice more often than you'd like, but it makes sense from a career standpoint.

Your goal might be art by itself, but there's so much more if you open your horizons towards making it your main income. There's networking, marketing, promoting, personality, collaboration, finding your peers and putting yourself out there; there's bigger tablets, better webcams, more monitors to keep track of multiple things at once, and even concept books or tutorial or anatomy books from specific artists that could contain mountains of important information pivotal for your growth. Maybe just food is the most important factor in your life for continuing to do art. Maybe your chair (mine was a stool for two years) is uncomfortable but there's no funds in a frugal artist's bank vault to be able to afford it.

@RebeccaDoodles and I are here to remind you that as an art community, "artists help artists help artists".




join the live event at twitch.tv/xinxinix !!!

Newgrounds artists are about as legitimate as they come. They have their portfolios easily accessible, and if they're using the "collabinator" correctly, they have their commission prices readily available as well. The scouting system itself has a buddy-system and a responsibility factor where if someone is lying about the art they upload being theirs, then everyone goes down with them that scouted them in return.

We are living in an age of bots. 28% of content on Twitter is from bots. Bots watch ads, rip media, and my Facebook is full of an endless cycle of bots (literally like 9 notifications a day) sending me friend requests. Scammers are abundant, and the information just isn't out there to those that are new to buying art on the internet.

I want to remind people to come to Newgrounds and check commission prices when shopping around because there's legitimacy here that's just not apparent elsewhere. Once someone's able to buy legitimacy (like a blue checkmark) then it stops being substantial to be "verified".

At Newgrounds, the substance is apparent in its creators, so I'd like to remind you guys that talented artists such as






& @AetherionArt

still exist in this scammer's world.

These artists were kind enough to be down to promote the actual Fundraising Party by drawing and showing you firsthand how they approach their craft. It's my way of reminding you that you get the most personal experience from Newgrounds and these events.

NG artists are real artists you can interact with. They aren't just some bot, scammer, or "popular" artist that has no reason to interact with you until you start throwing dollar bills at them like it's OnlyFans or a tacky Patreon where the paywall exists just to be able to learn anything about their actual personality.




join the live event at twitch.tv/xinxinix !!!




Rebecca and I will be present for the whole event (up until like 5pm because of Germany's timezone lol), but each hour has a new artist coming on with a different donation goal. We have them slowly increasing in cost, but each one is just as important as the last.

I want to emphasize this would not have been possible without Rebecca's help. We designed this event together just to remind the art community that they prosper when everyone prospers--that the smallest donation can go a long way in someone's art career. You can't put a price on comfort or adaptability, or what it means when you're supported by your peers to continue doing what you pour your creative time into while the community either respects or notices the impact.

It's what we're here to remind everyone before the New Year: artists help artist help artists. And in the end it only betters everyone and furthers our connection to each other as a community.

If you're an artist reading this right now, I guarantee there are things that you've forgone because you simply can't afford them. Being an artist is tough, albeit if creatively fulfilling, but times can be rough because of that loss of actual free time to do something that might be considered more profitable. I would love to work with you next year to fix this.

Artists in this line-up that would like a little bit of help upgrading their comfort:

@LimeHazard (Drawing Gloves & Pen Nibs)

@TheGaboefects (Grocery Money)

@MitsuTan (Paints & New Speakers)

@OneGrumpyLumpy (External Hard Drive)

@RebeccaDoodles (New Computer Funding)

Rebecca has lightly promised to release a Tankman VTuber Skin for free (or if we reach part of her goal) and also to create, release, and advertise a FREE TOM FULP VTUBER SKIN should we raise her entire donation goal !!!

Also, fun fact: there are at least 10 different countries being represented by all these artists.

That's the power of NG to bring people together, babyyyyyyyyyyy.

Hope to see you guys there, even if it's just to show support for your favorite artist.

Thank you for your time ^^


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