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Posted by Xinxinix - April 27th, 2021




(I suggest either via Art Portal or dumping grounds link share)

(and maybe tag it "art office hours 2021" so ppl can find it)



Please, everyone, lend me your strength in the form of words on a keyboard (virtual or real) or maybe even a small voice clip that you send to me on Discord that gets you blocked in point-five minutes because it's just a recording of you eating a bag of potato chips.

Did you:

  • Enjoy the event?
  • Wish there was more to it?
  • Hope for more audience interaction?
  • Want different topics to be covered?
  • Prefer if there were more events like this?

Well, hot damn, tell me in the comments below! Otherwise, I'll have no reason to continue seeing if @PhantomArcade is still interested in attending and getting a hold of Jeff to teach Flash CS3 animation techniques.

THE VIDEOS ARE HERE (with permission!)

For everyone who missed the event, here is your chance to see the Art Office Hours (mostly) in action.

I apologize in advance for my sloppy footage coverage--I'm used to being able to just chill out and enjoy myself, but streaming is a whole 'nother demon. Consider everything you don't get to see more of a reason to attend the next one in person. There's a much greater sense in my editing and streaming capabilities now, so I can hope to offer a much cleaner recording experience next time.

Without further ado... here are the recorded live streams!


(also, do not bother anyone whose stream isn't available publicly)

@milkyace and @TwoSipsofBleach

The Art of Sex Appeal

@Bacun and @Piku184

Drawpile & Doodles


Animating in Clip Studio Paint

@Cubesona and @Oolongearlgrey

Character Design

@AetherionArt and @LukeValentineArt

Comic Development

@hcnone and @SoftDon

Q&A/Chill Hangout Session

@FuShark and @mogy64

Maintaining Artist Health

Thanks again to everyone who attended, and everyone that participated!

It was a great time ^^

(Bouncing Xin animated by rtil)




Comments (32)

This event was really fun, interesting, and educational. I loved every second I was present.

I wasn't present for the entire thing, so I'm not sure if there were more sections like it, but during the Cubesona/Oolong section when everyone got to draw according to the prompt, that was awesome. More viewer input sections like that would be dope.

also thanks very much for the youtube mirror because those VCs filled up fast my goodness

My only real complaint was that the sessions weren't recorded, but since they're uploaded now, I have no complaints. Y'all should definintely do another one of these

It was great to listen in for a bit and participate in the drawpile! It was cool although it ended up crashing on me, hope to listen to more live stuff some other time if there is.

This was a really fun time! Hopefully there'll be more like this in the future!

I really like how this event turned out, it was a nice breath of fresh air and helped me experience the true collaboration of Newgrounds as a whole with sharing my artworks and seeing others as well! :)

However I really wish there was a voice acting session for the next time around if it will come. Maybe even several pre-established drawpiles/aggies/magma studios (by you/a volunteer) for the audience free draw, idk.

Overall, fun event and y'all did a great job with it even with the small technical difficulties that have arisen. :)

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/metagrif/lizard-and-ladybug-dudes thing i did for the drawing prompt

And yeah very fun event. Would totally go to another.

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/anevilheat/lizard-villain-i-guess ok here. Yes i would like more things like this btw, its really helpful and fun. Some different topics would be cool too

I wasn't very confident in joining this at first but I really enjoyed the event and learned a lot of helpful things from it! Being in a space with so many other artist at once was fun as heck lmao
I hope to see this happen again!

1. The event was actually fun af. I would like to do it again.
2. The event was good enough to actually give me a good time.
3. Yeah, I'd want more interaction.
4. Yeah, especially when it comes to music, voice acting, and scriptwriting tips n' tricks.

Character Development Art: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ultrabirbz/evilgator

Hello, the event was very fun! It was really engaging and motivating to listen while working on my own drawings/animation that day.

Having a livestream on Youtube really helped out when I wasn't able to view it via Discord VC. I really wished I was able to tune in to 9Hammer's animation portion though, I had to duck out because I got tired.

More audience participation would be neat; I had fun having to figure something out for Cubesona and Oolong's character design activity in about an hour or so. Maybe more preparation for free draw activities like Drawpile and such would be good. Things quickly got chaotic when that portion of the event started, and even when more voice channels were created participants weren't more evenly divided between them.

Here's my sketch for the character design activity: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/itsabluebanana/king-cobra-bad-guy-businessman

The event was great, I managed to stay for the whole thing and learned a lot from it. Thanks again for everyone who took part it setting it up.

The audience interaction was great, seeing everyone work on themes for the Character Segment was really fun. And it would be nice to see more of both interactions and events

Here's my prompt:

the event was amazing!! i wish i could have tuned in for longer but i had a lot of fun and i feel like i've been looking for this kind of artist interaction for a while now. i look foward to more events like this soon!!

god, this event was cool as hell and i'm very glad to have seen everybody do their thing! hope this is a yearly tradition!

the event was extremely fun. learned a lot from the different topics. (especially the sex appeal one.. hmm hmm.)
more viewer interaction would be really cool.

would love to see this kind of thing again in the future!

Awesome event! I was only present for half of it, but I enjoyed it! I definitely want to see more events just like this! Great job to the people who organized it and to the artists who joined!

Was very awesome, wouldn't change a thing. The only thing that could be better is the "advertisement" I guess. I learned about this event on the day of due to the banner on the front page. I'm also pretty sure most others did as well. Honestly not that important since we can still watch the recordings on Youtube. Definitely, want more events like this, maybe a yearly thing?

Shtuff was amazin' 10/10 wish I attended all of it and also here's this

That shit was the best, felt like I shared a panel at a con dude, fucked me dry, 10/10

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/enoughmold/wolf-guy here's mine it ain't too good but it was so much fun to make
I absolutely loved this entire event it really feels good to know that people on newgrounds care about each other enough to do these events I learned a lot and would love for there to be more stuff like this

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