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Sexiest Outfit Conclusion!

Posted by Xinxinix - February 21st, 2021

Sexiest Outfit Conclusion

Okie doke! It took a long time, but it's finally here; the winners of the Sexiest Outfit contest!

A big shout out to those who donated to the contest: @Moosh@53xy83457, and @JesuL. Thank you guys so much ^^

After poring through outfit after outfit after outfit, there were lots of common themes: single-piece dresses, sleepwear, Year of the Cow, lots of reds and golds, latex, fishnets, etc.

The key to judging was finding the outliers that utilized something different while remaining in that central theme of what's considered sexy and what isn't.

Let's talk about the runner-ups.

Originality is a terribly hard concept in itself, but it becomes even more decisively hard when you're applying "Is this sexy?" on top of the idea of what's being judged. These runner-ups had me teetering for a very long time because of either their originality or their sex appeal. The real challenge was separating my bias from well-drawn art that accentuated the way I felt about the art piece as a whole--if you're a great artist, you're going to make magnificent art, but I can't let that factor into my originality decision-making process.

@Izoxie's drawing showed that armor can be sexy (which was rare to see) and it played into a sexy-but-practical outfit.

@GoldBattousai's outfit uses core concepts from a "strawberry" theme and the outfit has an incredible design that I could not take my eyes off of, but it lost out because it's not catering towards sex appeal, but rather just has phenomenal fashion design. I treasure this drawing T.T

@Edemnine was the only one to use this T-shirt design choice, and I believe if utilized with sexier clothing underneath, it could have scored higher. Athletic wear was rare to see, and this design was really refreshing~

@climeade's skirt of rose stems and interesting attire led to me thinking very highly of this piece.

@GummiDX had me from the moment I saw this drawing. The concise theme and practicality of their outfit made it score very high. There were a lot of submissions using a "desert princess" theme that included shawls, and there were a lot of submissions with chains, but Gummi's stood out against the crowd by being very succinct with their approach.

@HeroAndyNG. Newgrounds tank titty-window. Tankman theme. Gotta love it T.T

@Shine-art's drawing was hella adorable. There were a lot of maid submissions, but theirs stood out by having a design that managed to stray from what others were doing.

@lenydrawsx had a practical approach that used translucent clothing to a unique degree. Red over red just works, and out of the many translucent clothing submissions, this was the coziest and most straight-forward. There's an elegance in having the outer part of the dress be as long as it is.

I enjoy how straight-forward @BadNoodle's submission is ^^

A big thank you to everyone that participated!

I reviewed everyone's art on a stream on Twitch. I went through all the submissions in order of where they are in the Sexiest Outfit Playlists (group 1, group 2, group 3) which is chronological to when submissions were uploaded to the thread. If you would like to hear the feedback there are two videos here: 1st Recording, 2nd Recording (links are expired for now because I have to censor the nudity in the thumbnails T.T)

Without further ado, here are the winners!

5th Place: Tiyaga by @JoshikoF


Entering a male into the contest is about as original as it gets. I think there were only about 12 submissions out of the 280+ that were male candidates, and this one trumped the other submissions in term of sex appeal and design.

Darkplot's submission and 0chin's submission were very close contenders, but Joshiko used masculinity to project a stronger sense of sexiness. I think the key to having a sexy outfit on a male is to not be too over the top, and Joshiko pulled off a simple design with a well-chosen model that didn't detract from its sex appeal. I think they could have added a backpack or a big gaudy piece of equipment to their back to balance a bare midriff against a busier upper portion of the outfit while having the added bonus of adding character, but it is what it is.

0chin's design was impeccable, and I would have loved to see the fullbody version of the outfit, but only having from the knees up detracts points in an outfit contest, unfortunately ^^; And in terms of sexiness, Darkplot's pose and model exuded a stronger sex appeal than 0chin's.


- - -

4th Place: Sexiest outfit of 2021 by @Banjabu


The only submission to pull off a dessert-themed outfit. Halfway through the first day of judging, I was seriously wondering why there weren't more submissions using whipped cream or desserts to their advantage. And then I came across this jewel.

Everything was well thought out for this design. My favorite part being the caramel and chocolate swirls in the leggings because it offsets the pure white in a very creative way.

- - -

3rd Place: Q.D. by @FuShark


Many, many, many, many one-piece dresses were submitted to the contest. There were a lot of spiked bracelets and anklets, too, but what sets this outfit away from the others is the pure elegance of it.

The deep cut down the middle being executed seamlessly while leading into a single-sided translucent skirt balances this outfit from one side to the other. As a viewer, you understand from the model's confident pose that this is gorgeous.

Revealing, sexy, and yet perfectly balanced--like a fine wine.

- - -

2nd Place: Spade by @Camuri


What *is* sexy?

Well, cat outfits, I guess. There were quite a few submissions like this, and Camuri's wouldn't have stood out if it weren't for the excellent design execution. In fact, this wouldn't have placed, but the large hands gripping her thighs are such a unique aspect that it's impossible to not be awe-struck by it.

A large part of me started enjoying seeing bigger parts of attire being used--huge gloves, big rings, large spikes--there's a nice aspect to big ornamental pieces that cause your model to look smaller that in-turn gives off intelligent sex appeal. Nothing makes you think sex appeal more than gripping. Having a part of your outfit being something that literally grips your skin is really appealing and interesting idea.

Beyond this idea, there's the addition that Camuri used a lot of clothing that doesn't over encumber their main idea. A zipped-open hoodie is a sexy concept if used properly, and the way the light-blue zipper matches the vibrant shoes was a nice touch.

A lot of the choices for this outfit were brilliant, and all the while the model herself plays into the overall mood.

Hella exceptional~

- - -

1st Place: Jaky's sexiest outfit by @Sony-Shock


So, let's talk casual outfits.

There was a lot of sleepwear, t-shirts, underwear, and some really nicely thought-out casual ware. Here are some of my favorites:

@Sony-Shock takes first place because it has a very unique concept. It's casual ware but with a tasteful twist. Skeleton bones are a great implementation for creating an original outfit; I think the true strength lies in where this is basic clothing but with an alluring aspect to it. To take something commonplace and add the right touch to enhance the overall appeal--now that takes vision.

Nothing about this outfit is over-the-top, and yet it's very attractive from the execution. A seriously great idea brought to light by intelligent composition.

Sexy, edgy, and somewhat metal--there's a lot to love.

- - -

Well, that about does it! A huge thank you to everyone that submitted!

I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the contest~!

I understand if you don't want to be tagged if you didn't win, but it's in everyone's rite to know how the contest ended if they participated. It's better to tag everyone than to leave anyone in the dark.

@0chin @666syrup @A-lieN @Acerbus-Sigil @AcetheSuperVillain @AngelStarFuture311 @AngelusD @Annie-Mae @Antizombieproduction @AphrosAnimation @avenuestorytime @AXOLOTLE @BadNoodle @Balrog-Bean-820 @Banjubu @Bergasmaschi @bigtboss @BillyScribbles @BombsAhoy @Bro-son33 @BusterB98 @buttuniverse @bveebop @CacklingPumpkins @CalipsoUwU @Camuri @carmine3 @castledoctrine @Catarinetri @cblue8282 @cCuntu @cdlum @cecameron @Chasquared @chimp-shrimp @climeade @ConnorGrail @coystags @Cprecaution @CrosEl @CSGameGalaxy @Cuadraws @Cukkucake @CurlyFreak @CzySzy @DarkPlot @DavidAragon95 @DearDecay @DH6966 @DiscoGuyOYeah @dogmuth-behedog @Dr-Tyang @DrawXAngel @Dreeemy @DroolingDemon @Durigakkin @Edemnine @erectoner @Esmachmat @FanorZ @FedorableX @flammalux @Flannagan-the-Red @Fooskee @funnee @FuShark @GayCatDaddy @GennDude @geoWaffle @GoldBattousai @greenminthead @grossfoots @Gulthrax @GummiDX @Haydret @HeadofNyx @HellfireDancing @HeroAndy214 @Herodark @imIcyWind @Isadomon @IssaSnipe @Iviqrr @Izoxie @J-Nelson @jankyjunko @JayuTab @jellymeyer @Jkjrrated @JordanHillArt @JoshikoF @Kaibyaku @Kanori-Sauce @khicher @Kichijiro @KieAtelier @Kiwiko09 @L1mzal @LaithozWorld @lenydrawsx @LimaBream @LittleViktoria @LobsterMango @Lordkingu @LovenSefu @LucaTheHuman @luSZtar @MakiSchleim @Makoart18 @massivemarioluigi700 @MaxwellMadison @MaziqArtGround @MikhailKaminsky @MintyMinus @Missy-Meow @MisterFatso @Mockument @mogy64 @monquu @MonsieurZim @MonsterSol @moongoat425 @mouthfullofcherries @Namhain-eroart @nek0ai @Neosoda @NethermanMC @NickSenny @NicoGGHere @NigelsPearTree @Nim-Ations @NocturneReverie @NolandNG @NoobPanda4 @NoodleDoodlesLewds @NORONIKO @Noshilo @nuclear-smash @OBBazaar @ohmyseki @OmegaLuxifer @Oni-Garth @orenji-sama @Orlek-sketch @Oxy3 @Patosky @pearlnecklace @PerKGrok @PhantomZ2 @pizza602 @pointlessfield @PoisonLion @poppyjewl @Prawn4ever @predatorboss512 @pukijr @Quarujee @QueenKami @RafaTheBeat @RatKingdomComix @RebeccaDoodles @redogna @Ribbon-Dove @riversouls @Schreckengast @Shadowcat5150 @Shine-art @SinL0rd @sketchdumb @SketchOverseer @skid181 @SleepyPine @SOLjack-arts @SomeTinyCritter @Sony-Shock @Sophex @SpikeyLotus @squareofthelightones @SSNormandie @starlocodraws @suicitem @SuperPhil64 @TamashiHoshi @TediousFruit @TheDyingSun @TheHauntressX @thelitterbx @thenewkid007 @TheOtherSider @TheSlimyDude @TioKing03 @Titilonic @ToriToshi @Tripea @Underdragion @Veinom @whothefuckisjojo @WisteriaTea @WomAnime @X-TNT @XavsArt55 @Xisterie @ya-boi-pip @YourGuyTheOTi @ZetaSpiral @Zollo911




Good job everyone!!! There was a lot of variety brought to the table, makes me look forward to next time hehehe.

Thank you very much for organizing this contest, I had a lot of fun, everyone did a great job, congrats to all the winners!! ^o^

You did a great job judging, and it was super considerate of you to spend so much time on each submission as a fair judge. I just wanted to give some laughs, the winners were picked perfectly and I agree with your #1 pick (skeletons are my favorite)! I also really like 4th place for originality.

Congrats to all the winners! And thanks again to xinxinix for hosting the contest, i enjoyed participating greatly and i am thankful to have been able to participate in my first newgrounds contest! hopefully we'll see each other around in future contests too :)

Thanks for hosting these contests man! I was hoping for tank titty window to pull through just on the absurdity but people had such great entries. Congratulations to the winners!
On another note, I'm really liking my progress on my funkin and robot day entries so hopefully I turn out good shit on those and cop some sweet NG coin and respect. Good luck to everyone on future contests!

great for the winners but...basically the winners where the ones that showed more skin lol? if so i should have gone with some slutty outfit but since the rules said "keep ot classy" oh well congrats to the winners anyways

Aaaa congrats to the winners! These were some amazing outfits! And thank you for hosting the contest it was lots of fun!

Alright! Congrats to the winners! For me it was a pleasure just to participate, and I will definitely check out your feedback on your stream

epic :DD

Yo thank you so much, this really made my day! Congrats to Sony-Shock too, I had a feeling they were gonna win; both of their designs were absolutely sick. And huge thanks to Xinxinix for hosting this contest in the first place, I really enjoyed being a part of it and seeing all the awesome designs everyone brought to the table!

Yoo, glad to finally see the results! This was a fun contest to take part in and really got me out of a motivational dry spell lmao
Congrats to the winners, y'all did wonderful!! ♥

Damn, I wish the audio hadn’t cut on the stream.

I entered the contest expecting nothing, so I'll definitely take being a runner up and getting what I think is the funniest little blurb from you, haha. I'll keep an eye out for any more contests, I feel like now I have to earn a follow from you after checking out the stream. Congrats to the winners!

Congrats to all the winners of both contests! It's great seeing all the talent come together for these contests and I had fun drawing my own entries! ^^b

Ah, my goodness! I got first place!! I'm very flattered e//v//e This is the first time I participated in a Newgrounds contest (although I've been interested in others before -v-)

Seeings the runner ups and other places allowed me to find some I had not seen before. They are so good too~ I really like @JoshikoF and @Camuri

the twitch links dont work. I get "Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable."

I have to temporarily disable them--it was brought to my attention that the nudity from adult thumbnails would cause me to get banned ^^;

@Veinom @Xinxinix
I can relate. I got the same problem posting WIP videos of my progress when ever I draw nudity.
Btw, thanks for the contest. I didnt win but I was in a dark place and I wanted the motivation to start working again. The biggest plus for me is the detailed comments on your fav pieces. Too many people are lazy, so your work is commendable. Im sure you uplifted many like myself.

Yay! Congrats to the winners! It was so much fun to take part in this contest and everybody did such a great job.
P.S. Now it's time to properly look through all the eye candy frawn for the contest, hehe

congratulations everyone! we all did great

congratulations to the winners,i think the choices were well put.
this contest itself was an amazing idea too,brought up a good excuse to bring alot more color to the portal

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