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ARTISTS WANTED: Naughty & Nice List

Posted by Xinxinix - December 25th, 2020


A BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who finished on time.

You're all heroes in my eyes <3


Dec. 24th 11:59pm PST

# of entrants: 415

Completion Rate: 377 (90.8%)

Response Rate: 397 (95.7%)

You will find out who your Secret Santa is down below,

and who drew but didn't receive a gift.

(Back-Up Artists Wanted!)

- - -

Naughty List

Did not finish on time.

Those on the Naughty List: I am not posting your late drawings for you!

It is up to you to post them to the Secret Santa Reveal Thread, appropriately. I will update your status as needed!

@Adamas28 (drawing for @Schiive) [completed late!] +

@AuraMXster (drawing for @cool-dude-1) [no response!] -

@ChibiWilli (drawing for @Tsundere-Q) [completed late!] +

@ChopanTheFreak (drawing for @AC1D-Y0RU) [no response!] -

@CoatiNasu (drawing for @Gulthrax) [needs more time!]

@cool-dude-1 (drawing for @BandAidStudios) [failed!] -

@CoolCatDaddio (drawing for @scrungis-y2k) [needs more time!]

@CyanSpyder (drawing for @kindlygator) [completed late!] +

@DaFoolishMonkey (drawing for @MrFancyLan) [completed late!] +

@Davidanimationslel (drawing for @mikelzNG) [completed late!] +

@FriendlyClowns (drawing for @Saminat) [completed late!] +

@GenuinePolish (drawing for @themaskedmonocle) [completed late!] +

@Hiroaki-Infreterios (drawing for @10000Hawks) [no response!] -

@InkiStudios (drawing for @mstyttk) [no response!] -

@irri (drawing for @cyangorilla) [failed!] -

@JavaJake (drawing for @Waffle1up) [completed late!] +

@MintyFreshThoughts (drawing for @DuttonsaysHi) [no response!] -

@Mitchelf (drawing for @Triibot) [completed late!] +

@MoonlightADMIN (drawing for @Icy64) [failed!] -

@NIXOYE (drawing for @Observator) [no response!] -

@OctoNG (drawing for @TheSparkledash) [failed!] -

@Oddlem (drawing for @CoatiNasu) [completed late!] +

@onesuchkeeper (drawing for @Pastelc0re) [completed late!] +

@OniShaggy (drawing for @Fab-FFZ) [failed!] -

@p00phead (drawing for @LwRichard) [no response!] -

@Pciphidic (drawing for @SacKydz12) [no response!] -

@Pedrovin (drawing for @TheIcarusCrisis) [failed!] -

@soyboi1 (drawing for @DunkeyKong) [no response!] -

@sTeVtheStEv (drawing for @FodderLabs) [failed!] -

@Stinkychan (drawing for @Scorchle) [completed late!]

@suxass (drawing for @BluMint) [failed!] -

@TheSlimyDude (drawing for @EpithetSoup) [failed!] -

@ThinKingArt (drawing for @sanakito) [no response!] -

@Tsundere-Q (drawing for @vinny401) [no response!] -

@xXToonyBoyoXx (drawing for @Bloxed) [no response!] -

@ytfvgrwy7iebeywugcbe (drawing for @coystags) [no response!] -

@ZaikaVirus (drawing for @DavidAragon95) [failed!] -

These results will reflect on your entry for next year's Secret Santa.

- - -

Nice List

Drew for someone, and their Secret Santa flaked.

Just in case you didn't see it, @Template88 drew everyone's character an icon.

But, for artists looking to return the favor of an individual gift, I have everyone's references below ^^

If you would like to draw for someone, please say who in the comments below!

@10000Hawks --[reference] (gifted by @PowerTQueen & @cboy4001!)

@AC1D-Y0RU --[reference] (gifted by @CoolCatDaddio & @coystags!)

@BandAidStudios --[reference] (gifted by @Gulthrax!)

@Bloxed --[reference] (gifted by @TheIcarusCrisis & @coystags!)

@BluMint --[reference] (gifted by @TamashiHoshi!)

@coystags --[reference] (gifted by @Helmyir!)

@cyangorilla --[reference] (gifted by @Roksim & Esmachmat!)

@DavidAragon95 --[reference] (gifted by @cyangorilla!)

@DunkeyKong --[reference] (WIP by @ProfessorClockwork) (gifted by @coystags!)

@DuttonsaysHi --[reference] (WIP by @Icy64)

@EpithetSoup --[reference] (gifted by @DrewEsse!)

@Fab-FFZ --[reference] (WIP by @BuhlBoy) (gifted by @Skoops!)

@FodderLabs --[reference] (gifted by @GoldBattousai & @Skoops!)

@Icy64 --[reference] (gifted by @TheSparkledash!)

@LwRichard --[reference] (gifted by @coystags)

@MrFancyLan --[reference] (WIP by @DavidAragon95)

@mstyttk --[reference] (gifted by @sanakito!)

@Observator --[reference] (gifted by @Onosse, @Skoops & @Esmachmat!)

@SacKydz12 --[reference] (gifted by @GoldBattousai!)

@Saminat --[reference] (gifted by @GoldBattousai!)

@sanakito --[reference] (gifted by @themaskedmonocle!)

@Scorchle --[reference] (WIP by @MANUNAM)

@TheIcarusCrisis --[reference] (gifted by @Rost-Kilroy!)

@themaskedmonocle --[reference] (gifted by @Gulthrax!)

@TheSparkledash --[reference] (WIP by @BluMint) (gifted by @cboy4001!)

@vinny401 --[reference] (gifted by @Bro-son33!)

- - -

What I learned

I learned a lot, lol.

Next year, the requirements for joining the Secret Santa will be a bit more strict, concise, and straight-forward. I apologize for the all the inconveniences and miscommunication. This Secret Santa was not expected to blow up as it did, and I was much under-prepared to handle it, but still somehow we managed.

This endeavor would have been much harder if it wasn't for @Template88's help. @KOLANI, @cyangorilla, @HEKILLZALOT, @BuhlBoy, @NeoD-ray, @Onosse, @Roksim, @solitonmedic, and @TamashiHoshi all reached out to me to help post the drawings, as well. We managed to stay up to 12am PST and post drawings for over an hour and a half. Sleep deprived, backs hurting, and slightly delusional, the Secret Santa Brigade pulled through to ensure everyone's drawings were delivered on time.

Minor hiccups aside, I gotta say, this year was an amazing experience and I can't wait for next year's!!

Merry Artmas, everyone.

We did it <3




Aw shit...

You're fine!!

It's more about those that either don't complete it or take like an extra 2 months, or something :b

I'd be down to draw something for someone on the nice list (just as long as it's not for myself)

Feel free to pick someone! ^^

Oh, okay. But I'm really sorry for being late, I live in Russia and I know that there are some time differences between Russia and USA, but I don't know how different time in USA is from time in Russia.
Anyways, I'm happy that I participated in this art trade, it was really fun, so thank you for this.

Feels bad man, but hey, better late than never!

I lost sleep but I did it in the name of Christmas

Umm... WHAT?!
I did two gift arts for two people!

Looking for them now!

Thanks Xinxinix and the Brigade for all your hard work! I want to draw for the nice list, I will do scorchle if that is ok.

Go for it! I'll mark you down!

I can draw icy64's character if that's ok

Roger that! ^^

lol. Oh.

@TheSlimyDude, you did two people who weren't your Secret Santa for some reason? ^^;

I'm gonna adopt observator's character

Noted! ^^

@Xinxinix Yes. Maybe I really messed up because you want me to do for EpithetSoup.

Yup! And now EpithetSoup doesn't have a drawing, even though they completed theirs ^^

Why am I on the naughty and not on the nice? I did one and no one did mine :/

I see!!! Yeah, yours was late, so I have you on the list of those that didn't complete it in time.

But yours is done now, so I'll put you on the nice list :b



Actually, untrue. Yours is in the Santa Reveal thread.

" @onesuchkeeper by @GTmart

HI RES: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/9b2344eda5345455c6fd6163bd1f7a3f "

I wouldn’t mind drawing someone else too! Just makes it fair! I’ll lyk who I pick! Gonna snoop around a lil

Okay! I’ll draw thesparkledash’s character! :)

oh! I'm sorry @GTmart I didn't get the notification

@Icy64 @Xinxinix Alright I’ll do fab-fzz ‘s one

@BuhlBoy is already working on that one :b

Damn I already started sketching for that one just didn’t claim it lol, fair enough though. I’ll do duttonsayshi then !

Roger that!! Thank you! ^^

Real same so many people never finished, l can make something for Vinny401

Awesome, thank you Bro-son!! ^^

Hey i'll heip! I would like to draw Sanakito's, i love the design <3

Okie doke!! Writing you down! ^^

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